Sunday, August 10, 2014

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#TwitterSucks (technically speaking)

I use Twitter every day. It is the best way to follow the news - especially from non-mainstream channels - and to follow the causes I advocate for. Twitter is also a fabulous platform for my efforts at micro-blogging inspirational quotes (@JonHuie) and my positions on politics and world events (@AmerLiberal and @DeathWithDignit).

So why do I say #TwitterSucks (technically speaking)? Twitter is a very simple platform, with very simple features. There is no excuse for its technical implementation to be flawed in such basic ways.

Some of the most frustrating, basic, and easy-to-fix Twitter technical flaws:

1. The Twitter iOS app allows one to manage multiple Twitter accounts, but at one must log out and log back in to switch.

2. One can pin a tweet to one's Twitter profile from on a computer, but not from the iOS app or from the mobile version of

3. One cannot access the "full" version of (which is needed for functions like pinning a tweet to one's Twitter profile) from a mobile device (The workaround is to download an alternative browser such as the Mercury browser from the app store and use its "set user agent string" feature to pretend to be a desktop browser.)

4. The "quote retweet" feature on the iOS app is not available on the website. On it is a painful manual process to utilize some of the links/pictures/text of a tweet without doing a rubber-stamp retweet.


I am going to keep updating this post. Please add comments about what you think is broken at Twitter - and especially if you know work-arounds for the issues.