Friday, August 26, 2011

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Links from Squidoo and HubPages

Getting links to your website is crucial to improving your search position - but from where?

Today, let's look at how the landscape has changed since Google's Panda/Farmer update in February 2011 changed life forever.

Before Panda, Squidoo and HubPages were both good, and about equal, sources of easy-to-get high-quality links. But they have responded to Panda in very different ways, and have become very different properties.

Squidoo wasn't impacted much, if at all, by Panda, and it is still a great way to get powerful links. An individual Squidoo page can acquire a SEOmoz ( PA (Page Authority) of 50 or more - which can make a huge impact on the website or websites it links to.

There is a little ongoing work to keeping Squidoo "Lenses" - as they call their pages - useful. Lenses fall from "featured" status to "work-in-progress" status unless they either receive some traffic or are frequently updated. Work-in-progress Lenses are still published, but they get "no-follow"links, so it is well worth the small effort to keep refreshing their content.

Squidoo allows up to 9 outbound links to any single website (domain), and allows links to an unlimited number of different websites.

HubPages, in contrast, was hit hard by the Panda update, and has responded by creating an environment that is, for most people, now useless for the purpose of creating links. HubPages appears committed to developing a self-contained community with essentially no outbound links. Not only do they now limit the number of links somewhat arbitrarily and unpredictably to a very low number, but they also restrict what websites can be linked-to to "relevant" websites - also quite arbitrarily. "Hub-Nazis" un-publish Hubs for the slightest infraction of the arbitrary rules leaving anyone attempting to visit the Hub staring at a message that makes the author appear criminal. Moreover, HubPages authors who don't maintain an arbitrarily-computed "hubscore" of 75 get all their links marked "no-follow."

Squidoo gets a big YES. HubPages gets a big NO.


  1. After my Wordpress site took a big hit from the Panda update I've been looking to other platforms to do my blogging, and since I've been hearing so much about Squidoo I'm happy to hear it wasn't affected by it. I'll have to learn all the search engine optimization tricks for it all over again, but I like it's usability.

  2. We did alittle work with the Squidoo and just like Brenda we were working with Wordpress in our website.

    We post a page all about network cabling services and other tutorials and saw the page climb a tad bit in the rankings.

    I guess with anything you have to constantly review and learn.

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