Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Apple Continues to go the Wrong Way with Glossy Screens and Mini Displayport

I love my last generation Macbook Pro and my last generation 23-inch Apple Cinema Display - both with matte (antiglare) screens. Mostly, I think Apple does a great job with product innovations, but last Fall they made what I consider to be HUGE mistakes, and they have still barely begun to dig themselves out.

The new 15-inch Macbook Pro is still only available with a glossy screen - worse yet, the screen has an extra sheet of glass in front of it, so you don't just get reflections, you get double reflections. At long last, the 17-inch Macbook Pro has a matte (antiglare) screen option - but at extra cost on top of a $2800 base - that's a crazy price and it's not so portable.

Last fall Apple discontinued their matte screen 23-inch Apple Cinema Display with DVI connector, and introduced the glossy screen 24-inch LED Cinema Display with Mini Displayport. That broke just about everything. Previous Mac owners now have NO option for an Apple display in that size range - even if they would settle for a glossy screen, as Apple still doesn't offer a DVI to Mini Displayport converter. For buyers of new generation Mac's with Mini Displayport, the choices are limited to buying a glossy external monitor or ponying up extra for a Mini Displayport to DVI converter to allow them to connect to a non-Apple monitor. It's all ugly, and no word of help from Apple.

What's so important about an antiglare matte screen? While game players, movie watchers, and many casual users prefer glossy screens, surveys show that 2 out of 3 serious graphics, document, and business users - the typical user base for Macbook Pro's - prefer antiglare matte screens. Many, like myself, refuse to use a glossy screen at all - it's just too fatiguing.

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  1. Register your protest at http://macmatte.wordpress.com - the website that focused on the single issue of bringing back matte screens to Macs.