Friday, January 30, 2009

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I'm a BIG fan of

I'm a BIG fan of - I have several blogs on Blogger, and have been very successful with my Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote blog. I have also tried WordPress and others, so I do have a basis for comparison.

There are 4 issues that set Blogger far ahead of the other free blog sites - and most of the for-pay ones (in my opinion).

1. No unwanted ads ever -- and I can run my own ads through AdSense

2. No extra charge for custom CSS - I can and do highly customize the look and feel of my blog. WordPress charges for that.

3. A Blogger blog automatically gets MUCH better placement in Google Search - after all, Blogger is a Google service, and they do favor their own. Why not start out with a free quick and easy boost to Search Engine Optimization.

4. Blogger supports custom domains at no extra charge. Get one for $10/year (from GoDaddy or other) and point it at your Blogger blog. Blogger makes that easy also.

Downsides to Blogger - in comparison to WordPress:

1. No pages. WordPress supports pages that are not blog posts. With Blogger, I need to put non-post stuff on another web site.

2. No Tag Cloud. Tag clouds are both cute and functional. I'm hoping Blogger gets them soon. (Yes, there are 3rd party tag cloud widgets for Blogger. I've tried several, but none worked well)

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