Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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How to Keep Your Blog Fresh While You Are Away From Your Computer

It is well known that blogs with daily or nearly daily posts get more visitors, but how to handle days when you are traveling, busy, or just don't feel like writing?

The best way to ensure that your blog is updated daily is to write blog entries in advance. Unless you blog strictly about current events, you can write several posts on days when you do feel like writing, and schedule them for future posting.

Consider maintaining a constant backlog of future-dated posts - enabled for automatic publishing on specified days. For my main blog Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote, I always have at least a week's worth of daily posts scheduled. Moreover I schedule the posts for the same time each day - which gives readers an even greater sense of dependability.

For Blogger, click on "Post Options" just below your post to access Post Date and Time. For WordPress, enter your desired post date and time in the "Publish" tab in the upper right of your Add New Post screen.

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