Friday, January 30, 2009

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Blogging - Just Do It - Today

If you are not yet a blogger, but keep thinking about it, stop waiting, and begin Today.

You have lots of questions - and doubts, and these have been stopping you. Which blogging service? How do I want my blog to look? What do I want to write? Who will read my blog?

Forget all your questions. You can always just delete your first blog and start over with a different service, format, and content - after you have learned by doing.

Go to, click on "Create A Blog," and follow the instructions. Pick whichever Template you are attracted to, but don't sweat your choice - you can change it later. Then begin writing your first Post. Whatever you write is just fine. Write something today, and again tomorrow. Tell your friends about your blog when you feel ready.

There is plenty of time for fancy designs and add-on's later. In my personal opinion, simple is always best. I have visited so many blogs that were virtually unusable with several things flashing and unwanted music blaring. To avoid anoying your visitors, keep a light background with dark type, minimize the clutter, don't blink or pop-up anything, and don't play music without your visitor's permission.

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